Matrix Revolutions Streaming

Matrix Revolutions Streaming

Join Top Leaders In Nutronix Revolution

Too often, we had discovered either that the company we had chosen in the past wasn't all that we had thought it was, or that the products were nothing extraordinary or that the compensation plan was designed for only the heavy hitters. The Nutronix Revolution has changed all that!

Are you ready to join Nutronix Revolution but not quite sure where to start?

First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Frances Andersen from beautiful Southern Oregon where I have lived my entire life.

For 25 years I was in the "hair industry" and when I developed allergies to the products and started getting carpal tunnel it was time to look at another career choice.

Network marketing was the career choice I made.  It is a lot of fun building relationships and connections with people all over the world, which is one of many perks and gifts of network marketing.  Being an independent distributor with Nutronix Revolution has allowed me to work from anywhere, which is cool.

My husband and I love to camp, boat, water ski, snow ski and go ride our ATVs on the Oregon Dunes.  We are very active people and got tired of always having to work around our busy schedules to fit activities in and that is one of the reasons network marketing was appealing to me.

Just like my hairstyling business, I take my home based business very serious.  This is the reason why I make myself as available as possible to anyone on my team who needs assistance.  (I've been involved with business where there was no support whatsoever and know how discouraging that can be.)  The circle of Top Leaders I work with have years of experience just like I have and we mastermind a great deal to learn new skills and mindsets to freely pass onto others.  We laugh, joke and have a ton of fun working together and we are always looking to work with like-minded people.

Another tidbit of information you should know is I only work Nutronix Revolution.  I do not believe in multiple streams of income.  Been there done that and chasing two rabbits does not work.

Nutronix Revolution is a network marketer's dream and here is the reason:

1. Nutronix International is not a start-up company.  It has been in business since 1999 and has a sound long term plan to be here 10, 20, 30 or more years from now.
2. Exceptional, quality products.  Some are patented with FDA and EPA approval
3. Excellent management.  The owners are easy to reach for support and assistance in administrative areas.
4. With the order of one product you get free capture pages and marketing system included
5. 24/7 support through skype
6. Comp plan that really is incredible.  Go to:
7. Nutronix Revolution products and the opportunity is available in over 40 countries with more being constantly added.
8. Training materials for online and offline marketing are available
9. No membership kits to buy
10. Start for as little as 39.95
11. Get rewarded generously from beginner to pro
12. Structured for the very part-time marketers, as well as the full-timer.
13. We have a 2x15 matrix that can pay you to infinity
14. Fast start bonuses are paid weekly
15. Additional profit centers will double, triple and quadruple your income.  All you have to do to qualify for additional profit centers in Nutronix Revolution is get two who get two.  You can open up an unlimited amount of profit centers at no additional charge.

There are two ways you can get started with Nutronix Revolution?

* Take the tour of my website and choose a product you would like to have at: or go directly to my corporate site at: My phone number is:  541-941-3633
* You will be prompted to set up your free capture pages and marketing system at the time of signing up and once that is completed you are ready to roll.
* Go to: and read the articles and testimonials
* We will consult together to pinpoint your short-term and long-term goals and go over marketing strategies that will best work for you.
* You will also be introduced to all the leaders on the team.
* Be ready to attend as many conference calls and trainings as you can.
* We are a very pro-active team of people and are here to help you anyway we can.  When you reach out to us we reach back out to you.

About the Author

Give me a call anytime at 541-941-3633 PST or visit my personal website at or go to:

Frances Andersen

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